Our company took off at July 2006, and is working on representation basis at the international arena. We are proud to serve our clients with our internationally wide portfolio and experienced staff, creating added value to our country, clients, and suppliers.

Our company has ISO9001 certification.


-Project consultancy for domestic and international companies that want to make national and international investments,
-Presenting international, real person, state and private sector companies and managing their relations with related state institutions,
-Preparing internationally funded projects,
-Managing mergers&acquisitions for national and international companies,
-Managing and organizing national and international bid proposals for our client companies,
-Making market and organization researches at industrial sector and engineering services,
-Management consultancy for all industrial, commercial, and financial organizations,
-Project design and production of factory constructions,
-International real property marketing,
-Direct import and export,
-Consultancy on areas of trademark-patenting, know how, creating and registering an international trademark


Hakan Yıldız
Born in Manisa in 1962. Graduated from ITU Faculty of Management Engineering with good level success in 1986. Worked in England, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in different positions. Also had responsibilities in Banat Firçalari, Fisk Lastikleri, Eczacibasi, Ipek Kagit and Sögüt Seramik in Turkey. Promoted through the steps from planning engineering to quality assurance supervision.

Attended the trainings about Execution Resource Planning (ERP) in England and France for SAP and BBCS. Had responsibilities about ERP in the companies as a supervisor.

Consulted many organizations including some municipalites and Trading chambers on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, TKY, ISO TS 16949, HACCP, INVESTMENT, REORGANIZATION and CE.

He is a lead Auditor of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001. He is fluent in English.

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